This page is councillors and candidates. If you are a councillor or intend to run for election please take action now to:

(1) Read and agree to (a) the Cycling for All principals and/or (b) for 20% of the transport budget to go to cycling and walking.

(2) Email us at and the Minister for Transport at outlining how you support Cycling For All, that you want the Minister to implement the Cycling for All principals, and put in place the funding to make it happen.

(3) Ask your colleagues, party members, and supporters to sign Cycling for All, send them to the most relevant link:

  • for TDs
  • for councillors, or
  • for members of the public

(4) Continue to seek Cycling for All in your local area, for example, by supporting projects which give space to cycling.

Once you have sent the email mentioned above we’ll put your name on the list of politicians who support cycling for all. If you have any questions please email