Space for walking and cycling generally needs to be segregated from each and from motoring. Politics of space Giving space to walking and cycling often relates to a mix of “politics of space” or unwillingness or inability to change road layouts — in other words often it is not an issue of a lack of […]


Priority is one of the main issues with current cycling infrastructure — where people in Ireland are often expected to yield to minor side streets and even private property, this should be reversed and extra priority needs to be given to walking and cycling.  As covered in the Space section, cycling and walking should have […]


One-way streets without provision for cycling in both directions are a major barrier to cycling in most Irish cities and towns. It is one of the largest permeability issues in many areas, while in other areas it offers relatively low-cost additional permeability. Contra-flow or two-way access for cycling on streets which are one way for […]


As well as developing a national network of cycle routes and cycling-friendly streets, acceptance of everyday cycling needs to be integrated into culture and institutional planning, policy and practices. Integration of plans and policies All plans, policies and design manuals etc of local authorities, departments, state agencies, semi-state companies and bodies funded by the state […]