To make this work, your help is needed — your voice matters more than you might think. Politicians need to hear this from constituents to know you care and to tell Ministers to act and for this campaign to have an positive impact for cycling for all across Ireland.

(1) Sign the petition

Go to and sign the petition and share the link:

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you opt-in to email updates for updates. If you are a councillor or TD or candidate, signing the petition does not count as signing up. please visit the councillor or TD sign up pages.

(2) Contact your local politicians

Tell your local councillors, candidates and your TDs that you want Cycling for All across Ireland with the required design and funding of 20% of the transport budget to back it up.

  • Check if they are signed up yet — on the local and national list.
  • For TDs and Senators include this link: and for councillors and local election candidates send them to:
  • If you don’t know your local politicians or need to find their contact details, go to
  • The important thing is to keep it simple, but personalised — tell them why you value Cycling for All and why it would be good for your area and its people.

PLEASE NOTE: We get asked about templates etc but templates are not effective and automated systems eventually get blocked by providers or marked as spam. 

(3) Sign up as a group or business 

Are you involved with a civic group, sports group, industry body or business? Ask those involved to sign up to the Cycling for All principles

— and get in touch with us at

(4) Continue to act

Acting once is good, but continuing to act is needed to make a change — for example, when there’s an election and potential councillors and TDs are calling to your door, don’t forget to mention Cycling for All to them, and when you hear about a public consultation for a street or road project in your city, town or county take 10 minutes to write to your council and demand Cycling for All.

Published by Cian Ginty

Cian is a freelance journalist and editor of - continuously writing about poor cycling routes for years has led to, in the campaigning journalism tradition and the hope that things can be changed.

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